Sanitary cabins are increasingly popularized and are installed in places where there are common toilets and changing areas. They are made from boards of phenolic compact 12 mm thick, combined with different hardware elements, such as legs, hinges, handles, sentences, bars, etc, made with stainless steel.

Main characteristics:

*  Absence of masonry.
*  Assembly once finished walls, ceilings and floors.
*  High mechanical strength (no breaks).
*  Adjustable feet.
*  Easy modification.
*  Self-supporting.
*  Easy to clean.
*  Resistant to bending, to impact and scratching.
*  Corrosion and durability.
*  Resistant to heat, moisture, water and steam.
*  Non toxic surface.
*  Without pores.
*  Contains no halogens.
*  Easily disinfected.
*  Wide range of colors.